Lugalbanda lies idle in the mountains, in the faraway places; he has ventured into the Zabu mountains. No mother is with him to offer advice, no father is with him to talk to him. No one is with him whom he knows, whom he values, no confidant is there to talk to him. In his heart he speaks to himself: "I shall treat the bird as befits him, I shall treat Anzud as befits him. I shall greet his wife affectionately. I shall seat Anzud's wife and Anzud's child at a banquet. An will fetch Ninguenaka for me from her mountain home -- the expert woman, who redounds to her mother's credit, Ninkasi the expert, who redounds to her mother's credit: her fermenting-vat is of green lapis lazuli, her beer cask is of refined silver and of gold; if she stands by the beer, there is joy, if she sits by the beer, there is gladness; as cupbearer she mixes the beer, never wearying as she walks back and forth, Ninkasi , the keg at her side, on her hips; may she make my beer-serving perfect. When the bird has drunk the beer and is happy, when Anzud has drunk the beer and is happy, he can help me find the place to which the troops of Unug are going, Anzud can put me on the track of my brothers."

Well, there seems to be a recent influx of people sending messages to [name] Way back when I could be bothered, I used to reply to these people and say "please check with the person you are trying to talk to, and confirm what their email address is, as whatever it is it does *not* end with "". I was doing this again this morning when I finally gave up as yet another "testing" message came through. These are all now going to go straight to the bit bucket. Again, this site and domain name has nothing to do with any specific brewery, but rather is a homage to ninkasi herself!
After a brief outage, the website is back up and running.