commercial sites

Since establishing, there have been a number of groups and companies that have setup commercial enterprises that use the name of Ninkasi. Almost always they are, of course, beer related. Some try to replicate the beer as it was made in ancient Sumer, although frankly I suspect it would have been a) not quite to our taste now and b) incredibly variable due to their inability to control the environment like we can now. Some simply use the name as a "cool name", but usually with best intentions. Almost without question all are dedicated to the product(s) they create and do so - even if unintentionally - to honour the name of Ninkasi.

For these reasons, I'm more than happy to list any commercial endeavours that mention Ninkasi - although doing so doesn't mean a recommendation from me for their product(s) as I rarely have the opportunity to try them, unfortunately. Here are some that I know of (links will open a new page):