We'd love to do this for free, but I have a family we have to eat....

Our rates

Our aim is to keep our quality of service high, but our costs to you as low as possible. We manage this by having low overheads, and by being able to work efficiently. If you look around, you will find that our base pricing structure is as good as, and is usually significantly cheaper than, anyone else out there. We have a standard flat rate (with nominal markup for out of hours work or travel outside the Bayside area - Brighton, Brighton East, Hampton, Hampton East, Highett, Black Rock, Sandringham, Beaumaris and Cheltenham), and negotiated rates for larger project based work. Although we normally perform work in the Bayside area and nearby suburbs, on request we do venture out further and have been engaged in projects around Australia and overseas. All prices include GST.

We also provide a 10% discount for any eligible concession (Centrelink, Veterans) and Senior's card holders.

Standard rates:

  1. First 10 mins on 'phone - free (even if we manage to diagnose & fix the problem in that time!)

  2. Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm: $60 per 30 mins (minimum 30 mins)

  3. Weekends and Monday-Friday outside 9am-5pm: $75 per 30 mins (minimum 30 mins)

  4. Public Holidays: $100 per 30 mins (minimum 30 mins)

  5. On Site: No additional travel cost for any location within the Bayside area (Brighton, Brighton East, Hampton, Hampton East, Highett, Black Rock, Sandringham, Beaumaris and Cheltenham). Allow an additional $25 travel loader for locations outside the Bayside area, although the actual price is based on distance and discussed (and an amount agreed upon) prior to arranging any visit. This is to cover our travel time to and from client sites as well as fuel costs.

  6. Remote assistance: Standard rates less 10% per half hour

All Prices include GST and are valid as of Sep 10, 2021

By prior arrangement, payments may also be made in an equivalent amount of cryptocurrency, with the amount needing to be confirmed and agreed upon prior to the service(s) being provided. Due to volatility, generally it will be the current exchange rate on Coinbase, plus 10%. We prefer not to accept Bitcoin (due to the massive environmental cost of maintaining its blockchain) but will accept Cardano (as it uses Proof of Stake) and Etherium (as it has confirmed plans to move to Proof of Stake by 2022).

Example 1: You call and arrange for a new printer to be setup. You live in Bentleigh. We confirm with you that although that's officially outside the Bayside area, it's not that far so we will not charge any travel costs. We arrive, and it takes half an hour to setup the printer, including making sure you are able to both print and scan to the thing. Total cost: $60.

Example 2(a): You call and ask for help over the phone. You've lost a document you've been working on for days. We're able to help resolve your issue quickly & remotely without having to visit. Total cost: $60 less 10% (as it was all done over the 'phone) = $54.

Example 2(b): You mention that you are a concession holder. Total cost: $60 less 20% = $48.

Example 3: Your laptop is refusing to start. You have a valid concession card. We visit and find that the hard drive has died. We can't guarantee anything, but you agree to let us take the laptop to our workshop to review. The computer gods smile on us and we are able to recover most of the data. You want to keep the old laptop so we quote and get approval from you to replace the hard drive. We reinstall the operating system, transfer the old data, and return the laptop. Troubleshooting and recovering the data took 2 hours, setting up the laptop took one hour, so total labor cost was $324 (3 hours = $360 less 10%) plus the cost of the new hard drive.

Project work:

Businesses need guaranteed service. They can also require assistance with projects. We are happy to discuss set support fees such as pre-purchased blocks of time, or fixed price management of a specific project. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Example 1: You are moving into new premises and want reliable internet. We come and discuss your specific requirements. We take those requirements and propose our solution. You agree to the proposal, and we negotiate a deal with your service provider to provide a business grade fibre NBN connection with 4G backup. We also recommend and install a managed mesh network that provides high speed wifi throughout the new premises, as well as provides a secure guest portal for visitors.

Example 2: You are concerned after hearing about businesses being hacked, that your business may be at risk. We discuss this with you, and propose to perform a security review. You agree to the proposal, and we review then provide a detailed report outlining any issues or concerns along with recommendations on how to most effectively resolve those issues in order of importance.

Example 3: You have a full time IT support person, but want backup when they are sick, on annual leave, or are overloaded with other work. We discuss your requirements and agree on a set rate card. When your person is away, you can call us for immediate support and are charged based on the agreed rate card.